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  • Barrett Rothe

Blue Corn Bourbon: Made From Colorado's Mountains

A lot of confusion exists about what makes a bourbon, scotch, rye, or sour mash whisky. You can even spell whiskey two different ways. A quick crash course: scotch has to originate in Scotland. That's it. Bourbon has to be made with at least 51% corn. Sometimes you will hear apocryphal stories that bourbon has to come from Kentucky, that is not the case. At least not where U.S. labeling regulations are concerned.

At Turnbuckle we are very proud of our flagship bourbon. It is made with blue corn that is sustainably farmed on tribal lands at the base of Colorado's Sleeping Ute Mountain. Turnbuckle is the only distillery in Colorado sourcing its corn from Colorado's own Ute Mountain farms. This bourbon has notes of almond, vanilla, and dark cherry. We age our bourbon for at least two years in single barrels, as of 2023 our bourbon is closer to being aged at least four years.

Aging whisky can be a controversial topic, but not unlike wine... older does not always mean better. Whiskies hit a certain "peak" when aged in single barrels by a craft distillery, and we monitor ours to make sure the taste is just right before bottling. Although you can always age whisky longer, after a point you are simply imparting more wood flavor and reducing the profile of the spirit. That being said, there are methods to make tremendous whiskies aged for 12-, 15-, 20-years and more, but for American bourbon the 2- to 8-year mark is the sweet spot. Major brands and craft distilleries alike aim for that range.

To get the most out of your tasting experience, pour a small amount of our bourbon into a glass and take a sip. Then add a drop or two of water before taking your next taste, this helps "breathe" the whisky and reveal the underlying notes. When you're ready, add some ice and another pour of bourbon then sit back and enjoy Colorado's great outdoors.

Try our Blue Corn Bourbon in an Old Fashioned

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