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  • Barrett Rothe

A Destination for Craft: The New Turnbuckle Distilling Facility

Colorado is no stranger to craft industry and Turnbuckle is planning to make a big impact on our thriving scene. Our new facility will feature an expanded production floor, restaurant, bar and tasting rooms, and special areas for our club members and events. It is a venture that promises not only exceptional handcrafted spirits but also an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience in the heart of Denver. Buckle up, because we're about to show you what's coming soon to Littelton!

The Distillery

At the heart of Turnbuckle Distilling is a state-of-the-art facility that spans an impressive 3,500 square feet. This full-scale distillery is paired with a unique feature that sets it apart – an adjacent barrel cave capable of aging up to 1,500 barrels at a time. This is where the magic happens, where the spirits come to life with time-honored techniques and modern precision.

Using the best equipment, Turnbuckle Distilling plans to produce approximately 22,500 proof gallons annually. To put that into perspective, that's enough to fill 360 barrels each year, yielding about 10,000 cases of exceptional spirits for your enjoyment.

But Turnbuckle Distilling is more than just a distillery: it's an immersive experience for visitors. Daily distillery tours and special distilling classes will be on offer, providing a deeper understanding of the craft and enhancing visitor experiences.

The Barrel Cave

One of the highlights of Turnbuckle Distilling is the barrel cave, a unique feature built into the earth that replicates the ambiance of a vineyard and winery. This barrel cave is the only one of its kind in Colorado, offering a unique setting for private dinners and tastings. It's a place where you can savor the aroma of aging spirits while enjoying the company of friends and fellow enthusiasts.

The Restaurant

Turnbuckle Distilling is more than just a place to tour and taste spirits... it's also a culinary destination. The facility will house an authentic wood-burning oven and creative twists on traditional favorites that are sure to satisfy any palate. The restaurant, with its relaxing ambiance overlooking the city, aims to become a neighborhood hangout where comfort food, community, and craft cocktails come together.

Expect Turnbuckle to be open for lunch and dinner, with a special breakfast/brunch menu on weekends to meet the high demand. The restaurant boasts 24 tables, and its kitchen is designed to support larger events and social gatherings, making it the perfect place for any occasion.

The Tasting Room

As you step inside Turnbuckle Distilling, you'll be greeted by a multi-level tasting room offering stunning views of Downtown Denver. The tasting room, located in a converted farm silo, features a loft and outdoor seating on both levels. It's a space that's both inviting and share-worthy, providing the ideal backdrop for enjoying Turnbuckle's handcrafted spirits.

But there's more to discover in the tasting room. As you walk past personalized whisky lockers, you'll get a sense of exclusivity, and that's because Turnbuckle Distilling offers a private, speakeasy style tasting room on the ground floor of the silo. This exclusive space is reserved for Turnbuckle Distilling members and offers a truly unique and intimate tasting experience.

The Bar

Turnbuckle's bar is not just another watering hole. It's a place where craft and specialty cocktails made with house spirits take center stage. With an impressive inventory of premium scotch, bourbon, and other whiskies, as well as tequilas, rums, and gin, Turnbuckle aims to become a destination for spirit connoisseurs by leveraging our access to the best spirits from around the world.

The bar offers limited food service supplied from the main kitchen, it's the perfect spot to sip on a carefully crafted cocktail and savor the flavors of Turnbuckle's artisanal spirits.

Outdoor Experiences

Turnbuckle Distilling isn't just confined to its indoor space. Acres of land will be activated with gardens and orchards, bocce courts, and picnic pavilions. It's a place where you can soak in the Colorado sunshine while enjoying a picnic or a game with friends, all in the picturesque backdrop of the Mile High City.

Turnbuckle Distilling is set to revolutionize the craft spirits scene in Colorado. With its cutting-edge distillery, unique barrel cave, inviting restaurant, exclusive tasting rooms, and outdoor experienc, it promises to be a destination where handcrafted spirits meet culinary delights and community gathering. Stay tuned because Turnbuckle Distilling is coming soon to Colorado and it's an experience you won't want to miss!

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