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Turnbuckle Bottles

Whistling Hare is now Turnbuckle Distilling!

We are making the transition to our new brand: Turnbuckle Distilling.
Turnbuckles bring things together and make them stronger. We bring together local grains, old world distilling, premium barrels and unique finishing to make fine spirits.

Our new production facility, restaurant, and event space is slated to begin construction in Littleton at the intersection of C-470 and Bowles Avenue.  We will have dedicated space for hosted tastings, club memberships, tours of our distillery and barrel aging room, and a world-class restaurant delivering cuisine inspired by the great Colorado outdoors and American southwest.
Click below to see plans for the new facility!


Our Spirits

Everything you need to bring it all together...


Blue Corn Bourbon
Single Barrel

We bring together specially-sourced grains and hand-selected barrels to create a truly Colorado whisky. Our signature blue corn is sustainably farmed on tribal lands at the base of Colorado's Sleeping Ute Mountain. This bourbon has notes of almond, vanilla, and dark cherry. Serve in an Old Fashioned after a day enjoying  Colorado's great outdoors. Aged at least two years in single barrels.


Foothills Inspired

We start our foothills gin with a spirt base hand-crafted from evapaorted cane juice, then carefully select a blend of botanicals to create a floral- and citrus-forward gin. Traditional "Old World" distillation methods impart the flavors of our gin botanicals: juniper, coriander, lavender, rose, lemongrass, and citrus peel. Serve with lemon and your favorite tonic.


Straight Bourbon

Finished in Red Wine Cask

This spirit starts with our signature Blue Corn Bourbon and spends at least two years in charred oak barrels before  we finish it for an additional six months in a red wine cask. This spirit is a favorite at farmer's markets and tasting events!  We bottle it at 100 Proof, and the special barrel aging delivers a smooth finish you will not find anywhere else. Taste it neat before mixing.


Barrel Rested

 Our barrel-rested gin starts with our award winning, foothills-inspired Turnbuckle Gin and then lets the spirit rest in one of our spent bourbon barrels. This process imparts a smooth finish and extra complexity to an already stellar base. Our mission is to distill craft spirits inspired by Colorado. Serve in a gin martini or Tom Collins.


Rye Whisky
Limited Edition

Our Rye Whisky is a limited edition, crafted from specially selected rye grain then aged in our premium barrels. This unique, smooth whisky has notes of almond, white peppercorn, and toffee.  Serve it in a Manhattan or with a splash of ginger ale, but remember to save some for next time... the Turnbuckle Rye is only available once in a while.


Wine Barrel Finished

Our rum is crafted from evaporated cane juice and premium molasses to create a smooth, flavorful spirit. 

A rare barrel-finished rum, with notes of honey and vanilla, make it cocktails.
The rich flavor is the result of resting the spirit in a bourbon cask before finishing it in a red wine barrel. Serve on the rocks with a fruit garnish or pour into a tropical cocktail.


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